Personnel Scheduling and Tracking System
New Web PSTS
Current Version: 0.61
PSTS is a web-based database application designed to streamline the process of employee rotational scheduling, flight assignment and billeting. It also includes extensive personnel manpower reporting.

The system tracks all basic information about employees, contractors or visitors; including regular schedules, cost codes and contact details. It tracks each person's current schedule, as well as any number of past and future schedules. Rather than having to wait until the effective date of the change, you can enter data at any time.

Web demos
Get a preview of the new web PSTS and PSTS Billeting module.  View, add and/or modify sample data.

Log in with these user credentials: psts.demo, zappa.

PSTSweb demo    (includes billeting module)

(NOTE: Internet Explorer version 7 or higher, Google Chrome, or Firefox browsers recommended. Menus may not work properly in Internet Explorer 6.  Internet Explorer should have Compatibility Mode turned off. You may also need to change Popup-blocker settings in your browser to use multiple windows. Many reports open in new windows.)

Microsoft Access Version
If you need information about the MS Access version of PSTS, use this link.
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